Track, manage, and organize an entire family's schoolwork assignments in one place.

Did you know that disorganization is the most common reason students do poorly in school? Gradeleap solves that…simply.

Whether you have one child or ten disorganized children, Gradeleap helps families organize, manage, and complete homework faster and easier than ever before!

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All assignments in one place

Teachers post homework in several different places -- the school website, Google Classroom, in a notebook, etc. Children forget homework assignments because they don't know where the assignments are written down. Gradeleap helps parents and children put it into one place so it never gets forgotten.

Check off completed assignments

Having homework assignments in one place is part of the battle. But checking them off as they are completed allows parents and students to quickly see what is and is not finished. This dramatically helps students gets better grades.

Get notified about incomplete assignments

Daily and weekly notifications help reduce the chance that a schoolwork assignment doesn't get completed. Gradeleap sends reports and notifications so parents and students are always knowing what is due, what is completed, and what still needs to be done.

Manage schoolwork for an entire family

Parents with more than one child can quickly toggle between their children to see what homework, tests, quizzes, or projects each child has coming up. Gradeleap allows parents to instantly know if a child in their family has a big assignment due soon that is not yet completed.

Save school-related files, contacts, and important links

Schools are always sending out emails and documents to parents. The school's website is cumbersome to navigate. You are always having an important contact that you need to locate. Why not store that all in one place, too? Gradeleap let's you do that!

Helps kids save time that could be spent studying

So much time is wasted by children who cannot remember where an assignment is. Imagine if instead of looking for assignments in different places, your children could simply begin studying or doing homework right away. Having it in one place save hours every week.