What are we about at Gradeleap?

We’re about helping students and parents keeping schoolwork organized.

We do more than just help students track what assignments are due and when. We help your student develop the study habits that will last well beyond their school years.

We frequently share ideas and tips that will help students get organized with all of their schoolwork. From binders to lockers. Online task-management for school assignments may be the Gradeleap's focus, but we do a lot more.

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We’re about reminding students and parents when assignments are due.

Most schools have an LMS (Learning Management System) where teachers can add assignments so parents can see them. But, an LMS has shortcomings. The biggest issue is that not every school assignment gets entered into the LMS. Some teachers might add every homework assignment to the school's LMS. Some may not. Many teachers require students to use a homework planner.

The point is that parents cannot rely only on the schools LMS. They have to have a better method of gathering all of the school assignments into one place. Gradeleap is that tool. Gradeleap allows assignments to be gathered and entered quickly, so they can be planned and completed on time.

Gradeleap picks up where an LMS leaves off. Gradeleap enables students and parents manage schoolwork, even if some teachers do not use a school's LMS.

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We’re about ethical collaborating on assignments with other students.

We help students share information in a way that is fast and ethical. Students can share files, and parents can see what is being shared.

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We’re about reducing the time spend studying and doing schoolwork.

Gradeleap is about learning to make much better use of time. Time-management is a skill that, when learned, will not only lead to better grades, but successes well-beyond school. Gradeleap helps students master time management so they can accomplish more in much less time.

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We’re about helping students get higher grades with less effort.

The brain is like a muscle. It cannot be exercised without allowing it to recharge. Gradeleap helps students plan homework with that in mind. This helps students learn more with less effort.

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We’re about replacing poor study habits with good ones.

A habit is an automatic behavior. Without habits, even mundane tasks like getting dressed would require a lot of mental effort. But bad schoolwork habits, like allowing distractions when studying, ineffective note-taking, and poor organization can hurt grades.

Gradeleap can help you replace bad habits with good ones.

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We’re about putting parents and students on the same team, so everyone is in the loop.

When parents don't know what their children are working on in school, they can't truly help their children with schoolwork. Many schools have an LMS (Learning Management System), which allows teachers to post assignments. An LMS might allow parents see some assignments, but it doesn't let them see whether or not the student actually completes the assignments. And, an LMS doesn't take the steps necessary to help the assignment actually get their homework done.

Gradeleap does, and it lets parents see everything the child enters so they can work together, as a team.

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I’ve long felt that kids have so much more potential than they know. I also feel that many parents are so busy and saturated with just getting by that they struggle to stay on top of their kids’ schoolwork.

If this problem can be solved — or even reduced — thousands of children might see a huge leap in their grades. Hence the name, GradeLeap!

When I look back at my own experiences as a mediocre student in middle school and high school, I can see why I struggled so much. It wasn’t a lack of intelligence. Some kids were much smarter than me, sure. But this wasn’t the real issue.

It was more of a domino effect scenario. At first, I struggled because I wasn’t organized. Assignments were forgotten. My grades went down. I struggled to keep up. I didn’t know how to study effectively. This led to low test scores, and my grades plummeted further. My self-confidence went down, as my grades slid further and further. I confused this with being “dumb.” Over time, I more or less gave up on school and did just enough to graduate, never planning to go to college.

My parents didn’t know what to do. They hired tutors for me. It didn’t help. Tutors were more focused on fixing symptoms of my problems, but the root of my problems actually stemmed from a lack of basic study habits.

Nothing changed for me until I went to community college. I suppose having to pay for my own education helped motivate me to change some bad habits. I recall watching a now-somewhat-dated education video seminar called “Where There’s a Will, There’s an A” by Professor Claude Olney. TV Actor John Ritter did a promotion for these videos during in the 1980s. The impact that these tapes had on me was life-changing. Prior to watching those videos, I assumed that more studying meant better grades. The videos showed that to be incorrect. They showed that you can be more productive by studying “less.” That insight was a game-changer for me.

I put into practice several of the tips I learned, and I was able to actually get A’s and B's — consistently. I had a few stumbles early on, but overtime I saw my grades improve. The domino effect reversed. Just as failure breeds more failure, I found that success breeds more success. I eventually managed to get into engineering school.

I won’t claim to have been top of the class at Virginia Tech’s Aerospace Engineering department. But coming from being a student who flunked Algebra II in high school, I was holding my own in classes like Differential Equations, Dynamics, and Astro Physics. Today I work as an airline pilot and develop websites and online businesses.

I’m convinced that the majority of the kids getting F’s in middle school and high school today, have the intellect to get A’s. But they don’t have the keystone habits in place to do it. They are too distracted with other things that rob them of good grades. It’s sad to me that many smart kids today are going to grow up into underachieving adults tomorrow, never knowing what they could have become.

If GradeLeap can help prevent some of that, I call that a success story.

-Adam Bram