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No. A school probably has a Learning Management System (LMS). An LMS is centrally administered by a school. It begins with a teacher entering assignments. Grade leap focuses on the student first. It allows all assignments, whether entered on an LMS or not, to be added. Then it helps parents and students easily focus on what is due, and when.

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Great question. Students need to learn how to be organized. Entering assignments and checking them off when they are completed falls under the crucial life skill of task-management. But most students struggle to learn this, and as a result, their grades slip because they didn’t master those habits early.

The transition to middle school is more drastic for some students than others. The students who excel in middle school and high school are not necessarily the smartest. They have mastered study habits and homework organization skills that allow them to get good greats with less effort than other students. Often, they had help — parents or someone who kept them on track until the habits stuck. Gradeleap helps all parents do that, quickly. It allows parents assist students as students learn the habits.

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No. The cost is the same whether a family has one child or ten children. We want to keep the price low because our goal is for all families, big and small, to benefit from organizing their schoolwork better and to not be burdened by cost.

For more info on pricing, please take a look at the pricing page here. We believe you will see that the benefits of what Gradeleap can do for your children will far outweigh the costs.

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Our goal is to provide a very low-cost way for families to organize schoolwork in one place. The Gradeleap website requires ongoing development and maintenance costs. Every notification sent also cost money, so a fee structure is necessary to sustain the service.

Our pricing is intentionally structured so that an entire family incurs only a low monthly charge. Whether your family has one child or ten children, the cost is the same. Additionally, Gradeleap is free to join. We provide a free trial for 14 days. If you upgrade and later decide you do not wish to continue, you can cancel anytime. We've also taken out all of the risk in upgrading because we provide a full money-back guarantee for families who upgrade and decide to cancel within their first 60 days.

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There is a genuine reason why parents and students should not want teachers adding assignments to the be the primary method for capturing schoolwork. The reason is that teachers do things in different ways. Some teachers might not use it. Some might use the school’s website. Some might use Google Classroom. Some might use some other technology. And some teachers might expect students to just write assignments down on their own.

Because homework assignments come from many different teachers and so many different methods, Gradeleap enables students, with or without parental assistance, to capture all of their school assignments into one place, quickly.

We do plan to develop a feature to allow teachers to add assignments as an option. However, the daily checklist approach is the best way to ensure schoolwork is entered each day.

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Gradeleap works well with LMS’s or any other system that teachers may use to assign schoolwork. An LMS doesn’t work without a teacher. If a teacher is not entering an assignment into an LMS, the LMS is useless. But Gradeleap can still be used to manage the assignments. That is because Gradeleap is student and parent focused. Not teacher focused.

Consider this. Suppose you have two kids — Jack and Jill. They go to different schools. Jack goes to middle school. Jill goes to elementary school. The middle school, where Jack goes, uses and LMS, but not all teachers use it for everything due. The elementary school, where Jill goes, doesn’t really use the assignment functionality of the LMS. Teachers in Jill’s school mostly give homework via handouts.

Gradeleap allows you to capture all of those assignments into one place, then track what is due, what is completed, and what still needs to be done. In this way, and LMS can be one source for entering the assignments into Gradeleap. But it isn’t necessary, and it doesn’t replace the additional things that Gradeleap can do for managing the assignments.

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As you get them

To add an assignment to Gradeleap, you can click on the links or buttons where it says, “Add assignment”. This allows you to enter the class, assignment type, details about the assignment, when it was assigned, and when it is due.

Checklist approach

The checklist approach cycles through each class. It begins with your class at the top of your list and goes through each class, giving you a chance to think about whether or not assignments were added on that day. You should go through the checklist at least once or twice per day.

We strongly recommend using a planner in school to jot down assignments as you get them. Then transfer the assignments into Gradeleap. This provides the best way means of getting all of the assignments into Gradeleap so they can easily be worked on.

From the newsfeed

If you are following friends on Gradeleap, the newsfeed will allow you to see assignments they have added. If you notice something they have entered that you have not, you can add the assignment directly from viewing it in the newsfeed. It is best to do this as a backup, after you entered them from the checklist.

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When parents join Gradeleap, they can link to their children’s account(s). Parents can see everything the children see, and more. Parents with more than one child can quickly flip from on child to another to see what is due. Parents can add assignments, just like children can. Parents must have an upgraded membership in order to access some of the pages on the site.

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Parents have access to child accounts. Children only have access to their own account. But assuming you have friends in your classes using Gradeleap, you can follow them and see what assignments they have entered into Gradeleap. You do this via the newsfeed. After using the checklist to add assignments into Gradeleap, visit the newsfeed to see if you missed any assignments. Also, check your school’s LMS to see if teachers have added assignments to it.

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Yes. Because assignments might originate from many different sources (an LMS, verbal communication, etc.), it is necessary to manually enter assignments into Gradeleap.

Entering an assignment can be done by parents or students. If you have friends also using Gradeleap, you can see their assignments on the Newsfeed, and enter the assignments they added directly from the Newsfeed.

Gradeleap develops task-management habits. By creating a habit of manually entering assignments when they are assigned, and also double-checking that assignments are all entered on a daily basis, parents and students can solve one of the biggest problems that students have with their school — organizing their assignments.

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Gradeleap pricing is for the entire family — not per person. In other words, the prices you see on the pricing page will give Gold access to every family member on the account, with a single payment. You see our prices here:

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When a parent logs in, they can go to any page and see what their children see, if they have a Gold account. Free members are unable to see the work done by their children. The reason for this is for the protection of children on the website.

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You can click where it asks to “add an assignment” and fill in the details, such as class, assignment type, description, date assigned, and date due. Parents can enter assignments for children, if they wish.

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Yes. Parents can see just about all activity that their children engage in on the Gradeleap site. The idea is for parents and children to work together as a team. When parents to better see what their children are working on, they can more easily plan on ways to help them.

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Gradeleap lets families connect accounts so parents can easily help manage their children's homework habits. To link accounts, go to the dashboard then look for options to "Add Another Parent" or "Add Another Child."

A request will be sent to the intended family member's email address so they can join and enjoy all of the benefits that Gradeleap has to offer.

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This course will walk you through several tips, tricks, hacks and habits that will help you or your child become productive in their schoolwork.

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If you or your children could benefit from being more organized with schoolwork, please create a free account and give Gradeleap a try. We designed Gradeleap to help students and their parents who struggle schoolwork organization.

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