Parents: GradeLeap makes it easy for you to be in-the loop with your children's schoolwork.

Your involvement in your kids' schoolwork can and does make a difference, but your involvement must be active. You must know what they need to do and when if you want to take a truly active role in their education.

Gradeleap makes it possible for you to stay engaged in your child's schoolwork, helping your child achieve higher grades and learn great study habits that will last a lifetime.

The most effective forms of parent involvement are those, which engage parents in working directly with their children on learning activities at home.

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How can GradeLeap help parents stay more involved in their children's schoolwork?

You can monitor what assignments your child enters

GradeLeap is a collaboration system for middle-school and high-school students and their parents. When children get assignments from their teachers and add them into GradeLeap, parents can instantly see what was added and when it is due. The idea is to prevent issues where a child forgets to enter assignments or cannot recall what they were when you ask what their homework was.

You can easily see when assignments are due

GradeLeap has several ways to visualize what is due and when. Once your child begins using GradeLeap to track their school assignments, you will wonder how you ever lived without it.

Even assignments that aren't due for weeks are easily remembered because they remain in your GradeLeap to-do list until they are checked as complete.

You can add comments and files to their assignments

Many assignments will require more than just a simple to-do. They may require collaboration on the original task between you and your child.

GradeLeap allows you and your children to comment on each assignment and upload files if necessary. For example, your child could add an assignment, such as, "Do science fair project". You and you child can build on this with comments like "Did you think about this idea? [link]" or "Here a PDF I found about this topic".

It become a super-organized way to help you children with all of their schoolwork.

You can help your children create better study habits

A habit is an acquired behavior pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary. This simple definition of a habit shows why children struggle so much with school, especially when they transition from elementary school to middle school. Going from one teacher in one classroom to many teachers in many classrooms is an enormous change. Many children struggle with the transition because there is no habit pattern for them to deal with it properly.

Using GradeLeap, by the very nature of how it is designed, teaches your kids good study and work habits. This is probably the biggest benefit of all. If your children learn good study habits, the grades will naturally follow.

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A message from the creator of GradeLeap

GradeLeap arose from my own experiences as a child. When I was young, I always struggled with school. And though my parents tried to motivate and help me, they too struggled with how to help me improve my grades. Their love of knowledge and learning simply didn't trickle down to me. Understandably, they were frustrated with my grades, and that would continue until graduation.

I barely graduated high-school. It would take reality in the real world to motivate me to attempt school again -- this time in community college.

Academically, I was years behind. But gradually I did learn to study. I managed to get my grades up, and I eventually transferred to a university where I earned a Bachelor's Degree in Aerospace Engineering.

The academic road I traveled was much longer than it needed to be, mostly due to the struggles I had in middle school and high school. But I do feel that I am living proof that children with bad grades have a lot more potential than even they themselves may believe. Children need to learn how to learn. If kids can learn that skill, that habit, they can learn anything, and the rest will fall into place. I promise you!

The intent of GradeLeap is to help middle and high school students get organized and change bad study habits into good ones. I hope you'll give it a try, because my belief is that most kids have a lot more potential than they know.

Adam Bram
Creator of GradeLeap