Students: Study less, get organized, and get better grades!

If you have problems with being organized with your schoolwork, you are not alone. GradeLeap helps keep your school assignments organized so you don't forget assignments and it keeps your parents from having to ask what your homework was.

If you are ready to change your habits and get your grades on track GradeLeap is here to help you do that.

How can GradeLeap help students study less and get better grades?

Helps reduce wasted time

How much time do you spend trying to remember what assignments are due? If you're like most students, it's a lot more than you think. In fact, many students can finish their homework before others even get started because they instantly know what to begin working on. GradeLeap saves you time.

You can easily see when assignments are due

You can see upcoming assignments on a calendar or an outlook. You also can get notifications via email about assignments that are due soon. You don't have to keep homework tasks in your head. It's right there where you need it -- on GradeLeap!

Even assignments that aren't due for weeks are easily remembered because they remain in your GradeLeap to-do list until you check them as complete.

Your parents can see your assignments

Do your parents often ask you what homework you have? Does it bother you? GradeLeap links you and your parents into one "family account" so they don't have to ask. The benefit of this is that you can then focus on completing your schoolwork, in less time than it takes for your parents to bug you about it.

GradeLeap will relieve that stress you feel when your parents ask you about your homework and will help force you to get the school work done in a much more efficient way.

You change your habits

Bad habits are difficult to break. But GradeLeap makes it easier to form good habits, so schoolwork is finished quicker. The result is better grades and less time spent on school work.

If you are ready for a change, GradeLeap is the tool that to help you do it.

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